Mangesh Dhawale

“ Mudrabiz”, it’s a word that I will never be forgotten in my life. The Mudrabiz gave a chance to me as an intern and the journey started. It’s taught lot of things to me like tactic, market analysis, daily market report and many more. We learn about stock market from books and also from some people related to that field. I also learnt things from book and looking towards stocks market as best investment platform, it’s not easy to make money from stock market but, Mudrabiz makes it easy. The stock market deals with money and money matters so, don’t underestimate. Amresh sir gave first Mantra of market on first day of office (yaha 0.05 paisa ke aur 1 second ke kimat hai). I learnt time value of 1 second and money value of 0.05 paisa because 1 second is enough for doing losses. The Mudrabiz gave chance to create client and handle the dealer terminal that makes unique to it. Someone really wants to learn stock market than, definitely Mudrabiz is a perfect place. So, special thanks to Amresh Sir, Akashay Sir, Diksha Mam, Priyanka Mam and Team MUDRABIZ for a wonderful experience.

Shweta Mane

I completed professional module of 6 months with them and got successfully placed with committed salary package. Pros- 1. You get hands on experience on live trading, client handling, cold calling, generating signals and dealing in various segments. 2. You can make mistakes here and learn from them. Make the most of it. (on job you do not get chances, mistakes cost you ) 3. Good place for professional grooming, meet new people and build confidence for interviews. Cons- 1. On admission , refundable fees criteria was mentioned without disclosing the task or target part, which later seemed unfair.The condition of Target not achieved then no refund should have been mentioned before students pay fees. 2. Technical Indicators teaching was passed on from senior student to us. So if my senior 'X' has understood incorrectly, it passes on same way. We learnt more with experience though. 3. The process should have been more systematic- when one joined, when to process salary, how attendance is calculated, when one completes the training, salary sheet, etc should have a standard format. 4. Two week training has some flaws, wrong information or wrong concepts are given sometimes. I had a fun time at Mudrabiz, learnt many things and above cons are just suggestions for betterment. My best wishes to Mudrabiz

Rishikesh Kelkar

I joined mudrabiz 4 months ago since I learned and gain experience about share market and right now I'm placed in Geojit because of help and guidance provided by Mudrabiz team thanx to Amreah sir and Chinmayee mam. Those who really want to work in finance field I'll recommend mudrabiz is best where you will find one.

Mohammed Younus

It was a great decision on my part to join Mudrabiz. It's really helpful for people who want to build a career in stock market and work for the best broker firms and banks in the city. There's a reasonable target to get your fees refunded and 100% placement guarantee. The guidance of Amresh sir during my internship was immense and helped me become a better analyst. Overall it has a good working environment and a great way to start your career.

Shivani Maharanwar

I really thankful to Chinmayee Mam for encouraging me for work & this is big platform to start my career. I had a great experience in Mudrabiz Finance Company.


I had a great experience working with Mudrabiz finance company as i learned about stock market,this company is great platform for the student who are willing to make career in stock market as proper training and guidance is provided so if you are looking to make a secure career in Banking and Finance so do visit Mudrabiz Finance company.

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