How to Build a Career in Stock Market

How to Build a Career in Stock Market | 8 Reason to choose Stock Market as your Career

Stock Market has always been a career that many of us have ignored. Today I would like to Share How to Build a Career in Stock Market , Also some facts to prove why Stock Markets is the most coolest & Easiest career option for you:

Its Recession/ Pandemic free career

We all know & have seen the pain of losing our jobs or not finding one when issues like Pandemic or recession hit. Stock Market emerged as the best career option in 2021 survey according to a research as the market is not affected either by recession or pandemic. We all know that its markets nature to rise and drop no matter what the situation is. Speaking about our personal experience we placed approx 820+ Students in 2021 which is higher than any years placement record in our 7 years of service

You can work with Banks

In India specially where we are all obsessed over working in Banks. Whatever may be the profile a P.O, Clerk, Operations, Sales anything. Students and parents can go to any limits to get a Banking Job & mind you the path is not easy. But when it comes to stock markets you just need NISM8 certification & some experience. Your Bank Job is confirmed whatever may be your age, qualification, and location. Working in banks was never this easy. Checkout the experience from the experienced.


Special Education Qualifications not required

If you want to be a Lawyer you need to spend atleast 3 to 5 yrs in education, for a doctor 2 to 3 yrs, for a CA minimum 3 to 4 yrs of specialisation study is a must. Talking about stock market careers you can start your job in as low as 2 weeks after your graduation. There are many institutes who teaches the market. If you are looking for Job Guarantee Trainings in stock markets you can check out the below link to find 100% Job Guarantee Trainings in Banking & Broking.

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A good source of extra passive income

Stock Market acts as a secondary source of income as it takes same knowledge to handle a client’s portfolio as to yours. Ex. You can work in a broking company or Bank or an MNC and simultaneous have a self trading portfolio to benefit from the Market

Better career growth & hikes or promotions

In today’s world where you have to work extra hours, travel miles and forget about your work life balance in order to get 3 to 15% hike in a financial year, Stock Market offers very good Increment, Growths, Promotion or hike with very less efforts. If u compare the Growth of Stock Markets with the IT or other Finance domain you tend to receive hikes or promotions in 3 to 6 months that will take you atleast a year o get in the said sectors. If your lucky like few of our Institute Students your ctc can be doubled in 3 months too…

Best for  Freelancing

If you are not a typical 9-6 person stock market offers you various freelancing career options like self trading with monthly targets, work from home, financial advisor, portfolio manager, Sub broker etc. Stock market is for anyone and everyone may it be a house wife, a student, a overage applicant or a simple graduate.

Location is not a Constraint

Licensing used in stock market ie NISM 8 has a National Coverage. That means you can give this exam and work in any part of INDIA as per your preference. Hence no more waiting to shift to your favourite city. Stock market careers are available throughout INIDA.

Training’s to start career in stock Markets are very affordable

An average Indian spend approximately 2,00,000/- to 5,00,000/- in engineering, 5,00,000/- to 15,00,000/- in medical, 1,50,000/- to 3,00,000/- in Law schools & 2,00,000/- to 20,00,000/- for MBA College and the harsh reality is that even after spending a fortune none of the above sectors assures a guaranteed career. In stock Markets if you  are a graduate you can start your career is fees as low as Rs 15500/-with a guarantee. So why wait when you have a career that awaits you. Join our Job guarantee courses by applying on th below link.