Stock Market Course with Placement

Stock Market Course with Placement Guarantee

Unlock Your Potential with MudraBiz’s Comprehensive Stock Market Course with Placement Guarantee

Are you standing at the crossroads of your education, searching for a path that not only promises knowledge but also a rewarding career? The financial world, with its dynamic nature and wealth of opportunities, might be calling your name. At MudraBiz, we offer more than just a Stock Market Course; we offer a transformative experience designed to equip you with skills and insights that go beyond textbooks.

Why Choose Our Stock Market Course at MudraBiz?

  1. A Holistic Learning Experience: Our Stock Market Course is more than lectures and notes. It’s a comprehensive journey that takes you through the depths of the stock market. From understanding market trends to mastering investment strategies, our curriculum is meticulously crafted to provide a holistic understanding.
  2. Guidance from Industry Pioneers: Learning from textbooks is one thing; learning from industry experts is another. At MudraBiz, our faculty consists of seasoned professionals and market veterans. Their real-world experiences and insights will shape your understanding of the stock market in ways that no book can.
  3. Hands-On, Practical Training: The stock market is not just theory; it’s a practical field that demands hands-on experience. Our course offers simulated trading environments where you can make real-time investment decisions. This practical approach ensures you’re not just theoretically sound but also market-ready.
  4. Seamless Transition to Your Dream Job: We don’t just stop at education; we pave the way for your career. Our placement guarantee program connects you with prestigious financial institutions, ensuring you have the opportunity to apply your knowledge in a professional setting right after your course.

Benefits of Our Stock Market Course with Placement Guarantee:

  1. Skills that Extend Beyond the Classroom: Our course doesn’t just focus on textbook knowledge. You’ll develop skills like analytical thinking, risk management, and financial analysis. These skills not only shape your career but also enhance your problem-solving abilities in real-life situations.
  2. Preparation for Real-World Challenges: In the corporate world, technical knowledge is crucial, but so are soft skills. At MudraBiz, we prepare you for both. You’ll develop impeccable communication, teamwork, and decision-making skills – qualities that set you apart in any professional setting.
  3. Building a Network for Life: Networking is key in the finance industry. Our course provides ample opportunities to connect with industry professionals and peers. These connections often open doors to unexpected, exciting career paths and collaborations.
  4. Confidence to Thrive: Confidence is your strongest asset in the stock market. Our comprehensive course not only imparts knowledge but also instills confidence. You’ll learn to navigate the complexities of trading with poise, making informed and bold decisions in every scenario.

At MudraBiz, we believe in empowering individuals with knowledge and confidence, turning them into skilled professionals ready to conquer the financial world. Enroll now and embark on a transformative journey that leads to a prosperous and fulfilling career in the dynamic realm of stock trading. Your journey to success starts here!

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Best Stock Market Courses for Job Guarantee & Business

Best Stock Market Course With Placement , a Platform to learn Future & Option , Intraday Trading , Fundamental Analysis , Technical Analysis , Option Strategies , All technical Indicator , Client Base Trading and Entire Stock Market LIVE 

Check out our 100% Job Guarantee Training Courses
"Spot Offer Letter on Admission"

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Best Career & Job Oriented Courses ​in Stock Market

Advanced Module

Duration 4 Weeks + 90 Days Corporate Training Program

2 Weeks Fundamental + 2 Weeks Technical

Inclusion Theory & Practical(Live Market)

Salary Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000

Training Certificate & Internship Letter

Location Preference for Placement i.e Nearest Metro or Nearest Location Possible

Performance Based Stipend Upto Rs 10,000 PM On Task Completion

Includes Panel Interview

100% Job Guarantee On NISM-8 Clearance

Fees Rs 35,500/-

Professional Module

Duration 4 Weeks + 6 Month Corporate Training Program

2 Weeks Fundamental + 2 Weeks Technical

Inclusion Theory & Practical(Live Market)

Salary Rs 18,000 to Rs 30,000

Training Certificate & Experience Letter

Location Preference For Placement

Can Apply For Banking As Well

Performance Based Stipend Upto Rs 10000/- PM On Task Completion

Includes Panel Interview

100% Job Guarantee On NISM-8 Clearance

Fees Rs 54,500/-

Diploma In Stock Markets

Duration 4 Weeks + 11 Month Corporate Training Program

2 Weeks Fundamental + 2 Weeks Technical

Inclusion Theory & Practical(Live Market)

Salary Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000

Training Certificate , Experience Letter & Business Proposal

Location Preference For Placement

Performance Based Stipend Upto Rs 12,000 PM On Task Completion

Includes Panel Interview

100% Job Guarantee On NISM-8 Clearance

100% Lifetime Placement Guarantee

Selection of Domain Bank or Finance Company

Fees Rs 99,999/-

What will be My Job Role

Professional staff that will take care of your career

Here at Mudrabiz we analyze your current professional status, match them with your career expectations & we not only take care of your career but also help you with Pre and Post career needs like:

  • Panel Interviews 
  • Personality grooming
  • Post Career assistance
  • Real time exposure
  • Mock Practices

Book a FREE counselling today and you will have a bright and successful future tomorrow.

What are the Benefits of 100% Job Guarantee Program

  • Pre-Placement Offer at the Time of Admission
  • Salary ranges from Rs 18000/- to Rs 30,000/- pm
  • Select your placement Bank & Company
  • Life time Placement support
  • Full attention – one-on-one
  • Enrolled By 10,000/- Students
  • Experience letter & Training certificate on course completion
  • CTC increment after every 6 Months
  • Job Security ( Pandemic & recession Free Career )
  • Professional Personality Grooming
  • Fix & Performance Based Stipend upto Rs 12,000/-
  • Location Preference for Placement

Why you should Trust us ?

“If you want to start a career in stock market. Mudrabiz is the best platform to start it. I had done a internship of six months . i have got Great technical knowledge and trading experience . The best mentor and leader amresh sir shares his trading and life experience with us which is really invaluable.”
best stock market courses
Nilesh Sahu
Placed in Kotak bank
“Amazing experience. Mudrabiz focus on overall development of student. You get mentored by experienced expert. I have definitely explored new possibility in stock market. Great support team and healthy work culture. Thanks for everything”
placed in religare
“MUDRABIZ, is a word that I will never going to forget and the big reason behind that is mentor like Amresh sir. I would like to thank Amresh sir and Chinmayee mam for the quality knowledge and the support. If you want a permanent and secured job in finance and banking sector, Mudrabiz is the place for you.The type of training you get is very useful. I’ll recommend it to every aspiring student. You’ll definitely learn a lot and the job is guaranteed. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to expand skill through the internship ,this is a great platform to learn and earn. I wish very good luck to Mudrabiz and team. Thank You!”
courses after graduation
placed in sbi bank

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Mudrabiz is a Full Service Stock Market Company & India”s best Financial Training Institute. Hence you get the best of both theoretical & corporate exposure of Stock Markets.

We offer courses for all your needs, may it be Job or Self Trading or Business. Our self trading courses caters to all your needs like intraday, delivery, self trade, technicals, F&O , etc

Yes and not only that you will be able to generate your own signals, buy & sell stock & earn monthly through market. If you dont have time for your own portfolio dont worry our technical advisors have got u covered.

Yes & not only that you have a wide variety of options to select from our Job Guarantee courses. Our powerful industrial presence & students reviews says it all !

we provide contact details of our ex students to all the new admissions candidates. hear their experience on joining.

Not at all. Any & every Graduate can join our Job guarantee courses

No. We offer facilities like Zero Cost EMI, Installments, Students Loan, Scholarships to EBC applicants

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